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For Affiliates

Access 100+ quality offers

Emryd Solutions enables affiliates to promote products or services and raise profits. The platform provides its affiliates with exposure to a wide selection of advertisers, as well as a diverse range of top-performing campaigns and patent-pending technologies. Also, we provide a diverse set of revenue-generating options:

  • CPA (Cost-Per-Action),
  • CPC (Cost-Per-Click),
  • CPE (Cost-Per-Engagement),
  • CPI (Cost-Per-Install),
  • CPL (Cost-Per-Lead),
  • CPS (Cost-Per-Sale),
  • PPC (Pay-Per-Call),
  • OTT(Over-the-Top).

Advantages for affiliates

We have a set of great qualities that we hope will motivate you to join us right away

Advanced Reports

Take advantage of the most advanced and detailed real-time statistics, convenient reports, no loss of clicks.

Personal Assistant

We assign a personal assistant to each partner to ensure a quick and easy start and the best possible outcomes.

Top Converting Offers

With Emryd Solutions, you can get access to the top converting affiliate marketing offers.

Higher Payouts

We offer the highest rates to our affiliate marketers. Direct offers with substantial and quick payouts. No delays.

Best Affiliate Resources

Make your experience easier by utilizing the greatest affiliate resources available. Explore the Emryd Plan options.

Higher Approval Rates

The approvals % is significantly higher than average. Our AI technologies help detect and reduce undesirable traffic.

How it Works

Make good money by traffic monetization for offers from direct advertisers all over the world!

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Sign up to our platform and get your personal assistant, who will help you choose the offers and the resources to work with.

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Create and test multiple promotion options, traffic sources, audiences and polish your materials to the best conversion rates.

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Scaling up

With battle-tested materials, it’s time to increase the traffic volumes and provide a stable flow of converting leads for the offer.

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Get paid for your results (confirmed leads). No delays. No crazy commissions. Easy, clear and transparent conditions.

Boost Your ROI!

Get a plan, schedule, and prediction tailored to your objectives and preferences. We can predict traffic growth for each channel using our "EMRYD Plan" and help you achieve the results you're waiting for.