For Advertisers

Do you have a product or service that you need to promote and attract more traffic with payment for the result?

Emryd Solutions platform provides advertisers with access to a high number of potential customers while maximizing Return of Investment (ROI). Lead generation, smart well-organized product launches, highly skilled account managers, brand protection & compliance, various advanced analytic capabilities - all those are some of the distinguishing aspects of working with Emryd.

For Advertisers
For Advertisers
For Advertisers

Advantages for Advertisers

Partner up with us to increase your brand awareness and acquire high-quality converting traffic

Personal Assistant

We assign a personal assistant to each advertiser to ensure a quick and easy start and the best possible outcomes.

Quality Testing

Only battle-tested marketing materials make it to scaling up to bring you the stable flow of converting traffic.

Best Affiliate Experts

We work with the greatest marketing experts and resources available. Learn more about our Emryd Plan options.

High-Quality Traffic

The approvals % is significantly higher than average. Our AI technologies help detect and eliminate fraud and bots.

ROI Increase

We implement only the best-optimized strategies that are proven to work wonders and improve your ROI rates.

Advances Reports

Take advantage of the most advanced and detailed real-time statistics, convenient customized reports.

For Advertisers

    Calculate the price of a confirmed lead based on GEO, monetization model and your product niche

    How it Works

    Make good money by traffic monetization for offers from direct advertisers all over the world!

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    Sign Up

    The personal assistant will be assigned to you and will help you through the whole process, from registration to the full scale.

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    Present Offers

    Submit your products and services to the platform and you will receive a sufficient number of orders in any country of your choice worldwide.

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    Get Leads

    If the commission amount is acceptable for affiliates, you can expect thousands of orders every day. You’ve got control over all variables and limitations.

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    Enjoy the Results

    You’ll get full advanced sales statistics and detailed reports with no delays. It’s risk-free, as here you only pay for results (verified leads).

    Boost Your ROI!

    Plan, schedule and receive predictions tailored specifically to your business objectives. We can predict traffic growth for each channel using our EMRYD Plan and achieve the results you're waiting for.